When it comes to Internet hosting, cloud architecture refers to using an independent server for each and every part of the web hosting service. Such a configuration leads to much better performance since one machine will be used just for file storage, another one just for running databases, etcetera, which means that different system processes will not run on the exact same machine. The latter will lessen the probability of system errors considerably and will allow your Internet sites to run faster, not mentioning the greater uptime. If you are looking for this type of service, you need to make certain that you'll really get it because numerous companies advertise cloud hosting packages, yet the control panels they use are not designed to function in a real cloud and can work only on one server. The issue with using one machine is that in the event that one service crashes or generates high load, the entire server will most probably go offline, so your websites will no longer be accessible.
Genuine Cloud Architecture in Website Hosting
Each and every shared internet hosting package that we offer is generated on our cutting-edge cloud platform, so you can take advantage of this setup. Independent clusters of web servers will handle your files, databases, emails, stats, Control Panel, etc, and we can keep attaching machines to any cluster that requires them. The Hepsia Control Panel that you will get to control your new account is in-house built and it was developed exclusively for multi-domain cloud web hosting, so there will be nothing that will restrict you from using the full potential of our genuine cloud platform. Considering that we also use ZFS-based storage and SSD drives, our shared web hosting service will give your sites the speed and security that you need since we have practically eliminated any downtime of our servers.
Genuine Cloud Architecture in Semi-dedicated Hosting
The platform that we use for our semi-dedicated server solutions is a genuine cloud one, so if you register for an account through our company, you will be able to experience all the benefits which such a platform can offer. We have entire clusters of servers taking care of the file and database storage, emails, access logs, usage statistics, and stuff like that. As we can easily extend any cluster by installing extra machines to it, we have virtually limitless system resources, so you'll receive the best possible performance out of your Internet sites all the time. The advanced Hepsia Control Panel, which is provided with all semi-dedicated accounts, is in-house built and was created with the idea to work on our advanced cloud platform, so it will not limit you in any way and you will always be able to use all the unrestricted resources that our plans provide. The genuine cloud setup means that we don't oversell since any of the clusters can be expanded very quickly with more machines or hard disk drives to it if needed.